Customer Testimonial / Interview Video Production

A company profile video can be used to showcase your company and services on offer in a time-efficient and engaging way. With a typical duration of 1-2 minutes in length, your company profile video can help you to start attracting new business from your website or through your social media channels. A company profile video will set you apart from your competition adding professionalism, building customer trust through integrity and transparency.

Example Video Stats

ClientFore Business
Site Locations1x
Video Duration1m 46s
AnimationIntro / Outro, CJI Graphics
UAV (Drone) Pilot1x
Filming Duration4 hours
Post Editing Duration2 days
Video Budget£1,200 GBP

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Engaging opening shots set the scene and draw the viewers attention to the video always favouring bricks and mortar to build trust with your audience.

Interviews and narrations help to convey the message effectively to your audience. They give a face to the business which increases trust with the audience.

Drone shots used effectively for a WOW factor showing off the location and giving a wider view / point of reference.

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Capital Video Productions: 3 Stages of Video Production


1. Planning & Budgeting

From the initial concept, research and budgeting to storyboarding, shot-list and timings, working out the logistics of and feasibility of a video before the filming. Clearly defining the goals of the video in the planning process saves both money and time in the filming / post-production and distribution processes. Budgeting to ensure a decent return on investment whilst maintaining consistancy with your brand and reaching your initial goals. 

2. Filming & Post-Production

We utilise a variety of the latest tools such as steadicam (or glidecam), motorised sliders, UAV's (drones), cranes (or jibs) and cable cam to achieve cinematic quality. We also organise talented camera operators, actors / actresses, interviewees on location or in the studio. Filming in different scenarios requires a very different approach, from wedding films to corporate promotional videos to corporate event filming to animated explainer videos.


3. DISTRIBUTION & Marketing

Our commercial campaign will get your video seen by your intended audience. Distributing your video instantly through various channels such as Google, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and the PPC networks. Our background in web design and online marketing can maximise your reach and conversion using proven targeted commercial campaigns. Video can tell your story, engage with your customers, increase sales or build hype around your new product or start-up.

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